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How to prevent refreshing of BO Webi reports while going back from Child report to the Parent report in the same window

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I have a query in BO Webi reports. (Using   SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 6    Version:

How can we eliminate the refresh of report while going back from a child report to a parent webi report in the same window?

I have applied 'sRefresh=N' appending to my parent report's url. But still after going back ,the document automatically refreshes the data.

Also I have removed the Refresh on open option in document properties.

Do anybody know how I can see the same data in the same session while clicking on back ?

I have also tried some script to show the history which points to the previous page.But still it didnt work.

Note: It works fine when I do not have to pass any parameters .

Can anybody help me on this?


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Answers (2)

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Hi Archana,

Apart from that sRefresh=N parameter in the hyperlink in Child report, can you also make sure by right-click on cell/value hyperlinked is applied on -> Linking -> Edit Link -> in the Link to Document tab, please make sure that the Refresh on Open is unchecked, and also in each of prompts (in Document Prompts) e.g. Enter State(s): the option Use document default is selected.

Let us know what happens.

Mahboob Mohammed

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Hi Archana,

Could you please check if below document can help you. In this it gets refreshed after every n seconds we can just put an invalid values so that it does not gets refreshed.