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How to pass multiple dates through open document syntax

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Hi Team,

I am need to pass more than one date from the summary report to detail report. What is the open document syntax to achieve this requirement. Thanks in advance


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Hi Pra,

I believe you would need to use the lsM[NAME] syntax.

lsM[NAME] is used to specify multiple values for prompts, separated by a comma.

For instance:



Crystal reports

If the target is a Crystal report, each value must be enclosed in square brackets.

Web Intelligence documents

The character ? is a reserved prompt value for Web Intelligence documents in an openDocument URL. Setting the prompt value to lsM[NAME]=? in the URL forces the "Prompts" dialog box to appear for that particular prompt.

I hope this is a very helpful answer to you.

Kind regards,


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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

I am passing a date object in the open document syntax like lsMparamDate=[Date_Obj] where in this object contains

more than one value.

Below is my open doc syntax.

="<a href=\"../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=AfJGZ71sU3JHt32GvyiSsI8&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid

&lsMBusiness Unit:="URLEncode(""[Business Unit])+"

&lsMExposure Type:="URLEncode(""[Exposure Type])+"


&lsMUnderwriting Team:="URLEncode(""[Underwriting Team])"\" title=\"\" target=\"_blank\" nav=\"doc\">"[Bound Count ]+"</a>"

Thanks for your response

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Use lsMparamDate=ReportFilter(Date_Obj).. this will work..