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How to Pass ListArray to my first Crystal Report?

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Hi All,

I'm creating my first Crystal report using ASP.NET VS 2005. I have the standalone version of crystal reports, as well as VS.

1. Which one should I use, the VS or the standalone version to create the report?

2. I have a list array that I would like to pass to a crystal report, but I'm not sure how to setup the crystal report to receive the array of data, and how do I call it from my C# server side code, or client ASP page? Is there any sample code?

3. How do I display the report on the screen, or export out to a file (pdf,excel)?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Matt,

Yes you can use a DataSet or XML as your data source or array. And yes it's recommended you learn how the reports work in the standalone Designer first. Then for making changes do it in code the same way you would do it in the designer.

See these samples to get you going:

CR for VS 2005 is version 10.2 and it's referred to as CR Basic, meaning it doesn't have access to all of the API's available in full version of CR.

The samples are a good start though, just ignore the part about connecting to a BOE Server and simply Report.Load() your local copy of the reports.


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