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How to navigate from ALV report output to Outlook up on clicking on an email address cell

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Hi Experts,

We are having an email address field in the ALV Grid output. The requirement is when we click on email address it should trigger Outlook and email address should be copied to 'To' section. We are able to enable Hotspot on the field but not able to proceed further with the requirement.

We are using REUSE_ALV_GRID to display the output.

Thanks in Advance.



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When clicking the hotspot field, I guess you retrieve the email address and you can execute ABAP. The only remaining question is how to send an email. It has been asked and answered thousands of times in the forum. With your favorite Web search engine, search ABAP send email

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To call Oultook, you could use

  • OLE2 (record a macro with Outlook and convert to Abap)
  • CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES (method execute, application 'Outlook' with some parameter)


  • If you need to pass many data to Outlook, you could export it to clipboard so Outlook will read it.
  • If no user action is required, consider using CL_BCS to create a mail


  • Why do you use those outdated reuse FM (legacy development?)