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how to make restrictions to hierarchy elements absent in hierarchy

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I am extracting CC hierarchy directly from ECC into BI. Our ECC functional consultant had made some configuration changes directly in ECC production system. Now he wants me to restrict those hierarchy elements in report.

These config changes are absent in ECC development system. Hence, I am unable to restrict those hierarchy elements in BI development. I dont want to create/develop reports directly in BI Production. I want to develop in BI development and transport them to BI Production.

Is there any way to restrict those hierarchy elements in BI dev system even if they are absent. (I mean can we hard code or use fixed values) or any other alternative methods available?

i highly appreciate ur hep. Points will be assigned promptly.


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Your report has to work in production.. first update your CChierarchy directly in production and notice the naming convention.

Incase it is not possible to update hierarchy automatically the same in development, then manually maintain the same naming convention in the BW hierachy of dev.

Then update the report. try the transport. it may go thru. It is a chance..

2nd choice is transport this report to prod.. with out hierarchy and ask client to open for specific changes explaning the specific scenario you are facing.

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Thank you very much for ur help and points assigned.

I dont want to make any changes in BI Production system. There is no cc herarchy element present in ECC Development and BI development. In this case,

1. Can i restrict the CC hierarchy with a fixed value which is absent in hierarchy? Is it mandatory to have a hierarchy element while restricting hierarchy ?

Can't we use a fixed value in restrictions of report.


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Hi Avneet,

Hierarchy is formed by the data which is available in the masterdata table.

So if the value is not available in the masterdata tale then you cannot restrict with that value. So if you want to restrict the hierarchy then you need to have that value in the master data table first .