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How to link XI-Development to the central SLD on XI-Production?

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we have a two systems landscape with XI-DEV and XI-PROD.

So far, we have used the SLD on XI-DEV.

Now we want to use one central SLD that is running on XI-PROD for all developments on XI-DEV.

What is necessary to to that (any documentation available?

1. First we have done an export/import to copy all technical and business systems to the central SLD.

2. Then we have set the following parameters in the exchange profile (Section Connections) of XI-DEV: Host of XI-PROD Port of XI-PROD Host XI-PROD Port XI-PROD SLD

3. Now we have done an SLD data cache cleanup.

4. TEST: I have created a new business system in the SDL (XI-PROD) to check, if this business system is available in the integration builder on XI-DEV. If i try to assign a new business system, I got the error message:<b>Access to object list of type "BusinessSystem" using the InternalEOAService BusinessSystemAccessor failed</b>.

Also i get the error: <b>"No connection to SLD"</b> if i try to compare the adapter-specific entries of a business system with the SLD.

What is the reason? What steps are missing?

Do i need to maintain transactions like LCRSERVADDR (server address of landscape directory?) and SLDAPICUST or anything else??

Thanks for any help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Follow the OSS Notes

720717: Reduce the number of System Landscape Direcotries (SLD) &

768148: Using a separate SLD for XI

This should solve your problem.



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