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How to join multiple calculation views to a calculation dimension

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Hi All
Im trying to do a consolidation account report. The data is from different schemas. I created 2 calculation view (cube), and a calculation view as a dimension with a listing of all the accounts. 
I tried to created a "consolidated" calculation with a star join. But I can join the different calculation views(cubes) to the dimension calculation view.  

This is essential how the final output should look. A sort of a appending each calculation to the end of the last column. There will always be the same number of rows. 


Not sure if this is possible in a star join, or there is another way. 
Any assistance is always appreciated as always.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Star Join in HANA is typically used to join a fact table with multiple dimension tables. In your case, you are trying to join multiple fact tables with a single dimension table if I understand correctly.

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