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How to intemate a mail to user manager in SAPWM ?

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Hello experts,

                    I am pretty new in SAP. I have assigned a task of mail intimation to user manager when notification

user status is set to ENR in SAPWM. I want to know each step for this as I don't have much idea to do this. Plz help me.



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The question is when and from where should the mail originate? 

My guess is you just want SAP to automatically email the user manager when the user status gets set to ENR in SAP.  This is best accomplished from within SAP rather than from the mobile client and there are existing mechanisms in SAP to assist with this.  I would check with your SAP experts for more direction.


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Hi Sudhir,

You can send a mail using your system local mail client

it can be done in following way

1) Create an action that will be invoked by a button click

2) Action will have an "Open Url" action step

3) Configure it as shown below


4) Rule Structure will look like following

When this button is clicked it will open a mail client on your system and prepopulate Subject,Mail To,and Body part in it.

Hope this helps,