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How to install Visual Studio 2003

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I wanto to install Visual Studio 2003 and then install the SAP .Net Connector 2.1. Where can I download VS 2003.

My objective is to retrieve data from Sap BW in VS.

Can someone provide guidance on this.



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You will probably not be able to download a trial version anymore. I'm not sure if you will be able to buy it also...

I have check and it is still available as a download on my MSDN Subscription. You will need to contact someone form MSDN to be sure it is available even for new subscribers. You can find more information on the MSDN web site Link:[].

They are other options to generate the proxy class using the .NET connector. Company like softwise have developped Add In to generates those proxy class. It uses the generation engine of the SAP .NEt connector but they provide you with the VS 2005 Add In. Link:[]

Using the .NET Connector to download BW data is doable. The SAP .Net connector provide you with a way to call RFC from .NET. I've never done it but if you have or write an RFC that gives you the information then it should be no problem.

Hope this help.