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How to import column names to LDM in PowerDesigner?

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Dear all,

We are trying to create a LDM in PowerDesigner from scratch. The tables already exist in DataBase and the column names are set. As we want to create from start, we don't want to use Reverse Engineering, and create the tables ourselves. Is there any easy way to add or copy paste the column names?

Thank you.


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Hello Alara

If you have the column names in CSV or Excel format, I suggest you use the Excel Import Wizard - you can find out more at Importing Objects from Excel Files | SAP Help Portal.

I have a silent movie showing how you can use this to load a full LDM from Excel with almost no intervention -

PowerDesigner_Shared/Excel Imports at FreeContent · MetadataJunkie/PowerDesigner_Shared ( The Excel file used is in GitHub - (1) Importing and drawing a complete PowerDesigner LDM from Excel - YouTube.

Alternatively, you could reverse engineer a PDM from the database, then generate the LDM from the PDM. There are ways to create business names from the technical names after you do that.


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Whoops, the links were in the wrong order but they're all there 🙂