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how to get the portal sysID?

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inside a jsp file I try to get a value from the 'request' object:

'sysID', which contains the id of my portal system.

There is no method like getSysID().

Do you have an idea how to get this value?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dagfinn,

hope you had a nice trip back from the Teched. I´m pretty sure your suggested solution will work, but I think first one has to initialize the TicketVerifier with a valid ticket and since Katharina wants to get the SysID from her portal, this ticket has to be the SSO Ticket from the request. So I would add something like:


retrieve the Cookie and then tv.setTicket(ticket).

Another possible solution would be to access the UME property "login.ticket_issuer" via: umParams = UMFactory.getProperties();

String sysID = umParams.get(("login.ticket_issuer");

I haven't tried it but its worth to have a look at it.

Hope it helps.

Portal Developer

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Well, you are correct. I didn't really bother to read the entire javadoc for the class

The way to go is probably your second suggestions (via the UME property).

Teched was good, but it was some long days (the beer in norway is really expensive so you really have to grab any chance you have of cheap/free beer

Btw, how is hiding behind the alias "Portal Developer"? It is such a mysterious name

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@Dagfinn Well, customers can sometimes ask questions like: "Why is this guy not working on our problems but on someone elses?".

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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There is some relevant information in the UME APIs

Try calling

TicketVerifier tv = UMFactory.getInstance ().getTicketVerifier ();

String systemId = tv.getSystemID() ;

Of course, you need a service reference in your component to the ume.

Haven't tested it myself, but it might work.