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How to get spanned cells in a TableView?

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Hi there.

In my BSP application I want to show a TableView where some cells span more than one row. That is I want to get an output which looks something like this :



The TableView class CL_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW has a public attribute SPANINFO which is a table that is able to store such information. It should get filled by the TableView method SETFIXROWSPAN which gets called when rendering the table. This method fills SPANINFO if there are columns that have the fixedColumn attribute set to TRUE. If such a column contains cells which have the same content and which lie in adjacent rows they should be rendered as one cell with a rowspan which is set accordingly in SPANINFO.

That's the theory...

Now I have a table where I have set the fixedColumn attribute to TRUE for all columns. In several columns there are adjacent cells which have the same content. But the rendered output doesn't have any spanned cells.

What do I have to do to get it work?



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Hallo Ali,

I took time to get the answer required, and to understand it. Yes, the methods and structures are inplace. However, these are not externally visible for you to use. You can only use the attributes as defined for the BSP element. And you are correct that these methods are used for handling fixedColumns.

As for the problem: it seems that this feature is not (yet!) available in design 2003. It should work correctly for design2002 (if not, OSS/CSN problem ticket). For design2003 we are now working on getting this complete, and it should be in 620SP33 (no promise, current plan).

regards, brian

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Hi Brian,

we now use 620 SP34 but fixedColumns still don't seem to work when using Design2003. Is the implementation of this feature still planned?