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How to find the error when client proxy is not successfully triggered?

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Hi all,

I want to consume a .NET service in SAP.

But when I want to test the client proxy the following error occur:

GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART


Transaction ST11:

TRACE SOAP RUNTIME - trace records

E CONTEXT 20090518061404.5255720 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT

SOAP runtime fault handling

E SOAP_RUNTIME 20090518061404.5256990 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT

->EXEC_PROCESSING Exception handling in SOAP runtime

E CONTEXT 20090518061404.5255620 : CL_SOAP_CONTEXT ->SET_FAULT set

fault loop detected

E SOAP_RUNTIME 20090518061404.5256920 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT


Transaction SM21:

SOAP Runtime Protocol: SOAP Fault exception occurred in program CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_ROOT==========CP in include CL_SOAP_RU NTIME_ROOT==========CM004 at position 80

SOAP Runtime Protocol: Exception message: Severe processing error; SOAP fault handling required

How can I find what's wrong????

This error logging is not really helpful to me...

Any ideas?


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Answers (2)

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I have found some solutions of my own. (e. g. tcpmon)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ,

As far I know, there is no transaction as tcpmon. It would be great if you could help with a short explanation?

Thanks for your time and effort !

BR - Karthik

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Hello Mr. Bauer,

Will you please elaborate on your solution to fix this issue?

We are facing this issue too.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Victor,

tcpmon is a tool , which is used for webserice monitoring. You can download the same. just google it.

and check , where error is coming.

Many Thanks,

Jitendra Soni

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Set the trace configuration to "Full Trace" with SOAMANAGER.

Then you will be able to display the full SOAP request and SOAP response.

For several error cases, it was the only we could find out what was going wrong...