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How to find out which events FLP can fire and when?

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Dear colleagues,

for extending FLP using a JS plugin I would need to know which events can be fired and under which circumstances.

E.g. I have seen:


so what Im interested in what else can I subscribe besides "contentRendered" and when those are triggered?

Im aware of the possibility of extending publish in console like:

var oldPublish =

sap.ui.core.EventBus.prototype.publish = function(sChannelId, eventId, Odata){


          console.log(sChannelId, eventId, Odata);

          oldPublish(sChannelId, eventId, Odata);

        } else {

          console.log(sChannelId, eventId);

          oldPublish(sChannelId, eventId);



but this doesnt works always and for sure not the way Im supposed to go.

So please, can somebody provide a link to SAP documentation on this topic? Im unfortunately not able to find something useful on my own, thank you,


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