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How to establish SSO between SuccessFactors EC & ECPayroll?

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Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement of establishing SSO between SuccessFactors & EC Payroll.

IAS is set up with Azure AD as corporate identifier.

Can someone provide guidance on this configuration.


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I have a similar setup to the one you mentioned here:

SF - ECP - IAS - Azure AD as corporate identifier.

I have done the setup as mentioned here and as per the SAP guides.

I am facing an issue when employees are trying to access their payslip via SF from the Pay Statement link (Direct Pay Statement). 

When logging in via SSO to SF (regular scenario), the payslip is not appearing and they are prompted with the IAS login screen.

When logging in via IAS to SF (using the Alternate link and username/password), the payslip is appearing and behaving correctly.

Somehow the SSO layer is not allowing the user to authenticate from SF to ECP when trying to view the payslip.

Are you facing an issue like this?

Appreciate any help on this.


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HI madhurjya_bezbaruah,

If you are asking to setup SSO for SuccessFactors and EC payroll in IAS through your Azure IDP you can follow below links:

For integrating SuccessFactors with Azure Entra:

For integrating SuccessFactors with IAS:

For integrating EC payroll with IAS:

Create SuccessFactors App in IAS:

The general process will be, to exchange IAS Tenant XML with the SuccessFactors team to upload in their tenant side and instruct the team to make sure the assertion attributes are same as the IAS side.

Then request XML response from the SuccessFactors team to upload in SF app in IAS

  1. Open Application and Resources-> Application
  2. Click on Create and Enter Application Display Name as B13_100.
  3. Navigate to ‘SAML 2.0 Configuration. upload the downloaded metadata file from B13 100 local provider by clicking on Browse.
  4. In Subject Name Identifier used advanced and employee number as name identifier (Same as S/4 APP)
  5. In SAML Assertion Attributes used assertions similar to S/4 App
  6. In Conditional Authentication make sure you add your IdP domain email and turn-on the “Trust all Corporate Identity Providers” to be activated in the application



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Hi Madhu

Check this SAP note 2348735