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How to edit the behaviour of Export button on the table controller

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I'm new to SAP advanced workflow. I'm developing an application where search results are displayed in a table controller and there is check box beside every record for selecting that record. Now it is required that using the export button (which comes with he table controller) the selected records to be exported into an excel file. But instead of exporting the selected records it is always exporting all the records from the table controller. Is there a solution to fix this?

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Well, this Export button on Table Controllers is always exporting all rows.

That is how this feature was implemented from the beginning. Unfortunately we don't have a feature to configure behaviour of this button.

I realise from your question that there are situations in which current behaviour is not desired one.

We can review this again when we get to the implementation of the redesign of the User Side, and see how to make this configurable. But that won't be in the road map for near future, as we have lot of other more priority things already planned.

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(Product Owner of SAP Advanced Workflow)