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How to download the file to local disk by default instead of disk Z in WEBGUI

Hello everybody,

when using the Fiori application to start the download a file into local disc. Unfortunately I can't choose a local folder on my Windows PC, for example "Desktop" to save it. There is just no button there. The predefined value is drive letter Z:\ which is a network share. Even typing the path is not working.

When I go through all this in the normal SAP GUI the option is available and works just fine.

Do you have any clue why this option is not working right in the Fiori application?

Please suggest me if any note or how solve this?

Thank you in advance!!

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Your question has the exact title as the note that solves it 🙂

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Hello there!

For those using regular web browsers (such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge,...), independent of the SAP solution, the problem is following:

You are using web browser for you SAP solution and you wan to download a file (e.g. spreadsheet), SAP back-end is trying to save the file on your side of the instance (local PC) not knowing what is your default path where the files should be stored for specific browser > therefore the solution and specification of virtual drive 'Z:\' is presented to your screen.

Usually, to resolve your download path issue with SAP solutions using web browser, on your web browser you have to check two things:

1. Browser > Settings > Downloads > 'Always ask you where to save files' (e.g. this was path in Mozilla ver. 122.0.1., but similar is for other browsers too, just search for this feature in the browser settings for which you are experiencing the same problem);

2. That your browser is not blocking the pop-up window which is trying to ask you where to save on your local drive. If that is the case, please set those specific web-address permissions to Allow (or 'do not block').



For more info check related SAP KBA:

3231710 - WebGUI File Browser: How to change download path while downloading to local drive (native file system
2249454 - ITS Up/Down: Using the WEBGUI File Browser


Keywords for your struggles are SAP WEBGUI download path 😉

Best of luck &

Kind Regards!

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Suresh,

within the SAP Business Client using the Chromium Web control (or Microsoft Edge - WebView2 control coming with the next version 7.70) you can configure to be asked where to save your file for each download or define a default path.