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How to do client copy in SAP BW after database content refresh

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We created a homogenous system copy by backup/restore from our Production BW (Netweaver 7.5) to Quality BW (Netweaver 7.5). At the same time we also did a system copy from our ERP Production to the ERP Quality. The productive clients in BW PRD and BW QUA differ (300 in PRD and 100 in QUA). After the system copy we wanted to keep the QUA system as close to the system before copy and wanted to create a client copy from QUA.300 to QUA.100 but it seems like this process is not supported if we want to retain all the data in the post-copy QUA system.

We followed the scenario B2 in note 886102 ( but even when we go through all the steps in the target system and running BDLSS we still get the error "Logical System name has been changed for this system". Is there something important not mentioned in the note that has to be done in addition? Should we delete some configuration before changing the logical system for the target system client?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If BW was already set up and used in a client, then it is not supported to change that client. See:

1720687 R3207, R3206, BRAIN009 when calling transaction RSA1 in a BW system