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How to display Hierarchy in WDA Search help

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Hello Experts,

Please let me know if i can display hierarchy (tree like structure) in WD ABAP search help,i am quite new to WD ABAP.

Any suggestions and inputs would be very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think tree UI element will be useful to you. Pls refer following links for more help:




I had similar requirement of search help in my project. I had created component with tree ui element and called it using component usage in another component on click of button. I hope this will help you.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi all thanks for the help ,

now if i have a ADOBE form linked with my WDA app, so can i call this custom search help from Adobe form on a click of a button or i can call only standard search help.


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Hi Siddharth,

You can create a Freely Programmed Value Help in the WebDynpro application and attach a WD component with this search help to get this secod component as F4 help.

You can Refer to SAP technical site for a good tutorial on Freely Programmed Value Help in the WebDynpro application.

For Tree type structure, you can refer to WDR_TEST_TREE. Alternatively you can choose A Tree by Key Table column in Table UI element. You can refer to WDT_TREE_TABLE_BY_KEY.

Hope it helps you.

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It is possible to have search help as Hierarchy.

We have done as follows.

Created a new WDY component.

in view of newly created component, use UIelement table.

table's one column is textview to display the description of value and the other column is


bind the parentkey and rowkey to the desired value.

inside TreeByKeyTableColumn take one textview to get the value.

create two event in componentcontroller.


wd_selected->fire this event on OK event of pop-up.

Use this newly created component in ur component and on wd_event set the filter critria for ur input help.

and on wd_selected set the data.

hope this will help u.