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How to Develop Payslip in both arabic and English Language

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I am working for payslip designs in HRFORMS using Adobe Forms. Client requirement is to design a payslip in such a way that it includes English and Arabic languages both. Personal details have two sides : in left side the content is in English and on the other side content is in Arabic language. As there will be dynamic data such as Name of the employee, Organizational details and Position. How to handle this dynamic text in the payslip?

Can anyone please explain steps in detail how do we achieve dynamic content in arabic language?

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I have never worked in Arabic, but have worked in French.

I found that for me, it was easier to open 2 sessions, one in English (for it's Models and better documentation) and one in French (to do the configuration), than doing the configuration in English and asking the system to translate.

Note that your Headers and other Text Elements and Wage Type Descriptions should also exist both in Arabic and English.