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How to delete a HTML5 application from Subaccount Level of SAP BTP

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How to delete a HTML5 application from subaccount level of SAP BTP. 

I have checked the answer provided for the same question ( cf html5-delete -content -n 6719df7a-c789-4339-b788-fd582c6a181d-html5-html5-srv ) and executed the command cf html5-delete -content -n <application_name>-html5-srv but its not working and giving me below error - 


Thanks in advance,

S Patil


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to delete the content from HTML5 Repository. The advice for deleting content you followed makes assumption about the naming of the repository service. Your repository service instance name is not salesreport-html5-srv. 

You can find the correct service instance name from the tab Instances and Subscriptions in cockpit for your subaccount. Set filter for service as HTML5 Application Repository Service and plan as app-host.    

You can execute the same command you used with this service instance name or delete the service instance.

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Hi Dinu, Thanks for the answer. Now we are able to delete the HTML5 apps but we are facing one more issue. Could you guide on the same? 

When we are deploying the MTA application(having custom SAPUI5 apps within), we observe each SAPUI5 application is being deployed twice in SAP BTP.
The difference we observe here is one being deployed with 'Destination Name' & other with 'Destination GUID'.

Please guide us to deploy the application with 'Destination GUID' only.



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