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How to Create and Publish a Document in EP 7.0/SP9?

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I'am trying to create a document and publish it through approvel process in.TREX should be installed to do this? and i need documentation regarding this creation and publishing a document through approvel process.

If there is any .pdf documentatio with screen shots please send me.

With regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For these u can try using ADHOC workflow process


Adhoc Workflow Wizard provides the ability for an end-user to build and initiate custom workflow processes. Each workflow process potentially produces work items which are displayed in the Universal Worklist (UWL). The end-user can:

Create processes consisting of a number of tasks that persist until done

Assign individual tasks to separate users

As a process initiator, your email address must be properly configured in your User Management Engine (UME) data.

Procedure For Standalone Processes:

To access the Adhoc Workflow from UWL:

Goto Home  Work

1.From the portal screen, under Home tab, choose Work.

2.To start the workflow creation process, choose Create Task.

3.In Task Type, use the drop list to select Task.

4.In Title, enter a unique topic. Up to 100 characters are allowed. It is a mandatory field.

5.Enter the overall workflow description in the Description field.

6.Select the workflow Priority. This affects the urgency of the tasks that will be generated by the workflow.

7.Select the Due date.

8.In Assigned To, choose the Select button.

The Select Users, Groups, or Roles iView appear.

9.Enter the name or partial name of the user, group, or role you wish to assign the task. Wildcards * are not necessary.

10.Choose the Search button. A list of matching results will appear.

11.Select the desired users, groups, or roles you which to assign.

12.Select the icon. The selections will appear on the Current Selection table.

13.Choose OK and you will return to the Adhoc workflow wizard.

14.Choose the More Options button.

15.Select Allow Assignees To Decline Task and Separate Task for Each Assignee checkboxes.

16.In the Trackers field, select and assign users that will track each step and give final approval.

17.In Notification, use the drop list menu to select On Updates, Completion, and if Overdue.

18.Add an attachment by choosing Edit Attachments.

19.Choose the Browse button and find a file on your hard drive.

20.Choose Upload.

The files you have added will appear below and choose Close.

21.Choose Send.

Create a Task List

Subtasks create a series of steps that need to be completed before the process can continue.

To create a Task List:

Home  Work

1.Choose Create Task button.

2.Choose Task List from the drop list.

3.In Title, enter a unique topic. Up to 100 characters are allowed. It is a mandatory field.

4.Enter a task Priority, Due date and Description.

5.Select the Add Task button.

6.Enter values in the form.

7.Select the Save button.

The work items are displayed in the UWL screens of the users to whom the work items have been assigned.

8.More task can be added into the task list by repeatedly going through Step 5 to Step 7.

Choose Send.


The approvers/recipients see the workflow item in their task list.

Approving Items


Create users HR Staff and HR Manager with the Standard Portal User role according to N04: General Settings.

HR Manager creates a task that needs final approval.

Home  Work

1.Log into the portal as User.

2.Choose the Create Task button.

This launches the Standard Task iView.

3.Enter the required fields.

4.Select More Options link (if visible).

5.Choose Task Requires Final Approval checkbox.

6.Choose Send.

This task is sent to the user Staff.

Staff completes the task

Home  Workt

1.Log into the Enterprise Portal as the user Staff.

2.Choose the Task link created by Manager.

3.Choose the Complete Task button. The task is now sent back to the HR Manager for final approval


Home  Work

1.Log into the portal as the HR Manager.

2.Choose the link with the subject created in the original task.

3.Choose the Approve button to complete the task.

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Ok i will go through it.Suppose if i want to Upload Company Documents(Regarding some ISO certificates etc) into KM how i should upload them .

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Kishore i had created a folder in Content Management--> Explorer --> Documents > New> Folder. Now i want to upload some content to that folder.How can i do that?

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Add Files to Documents folder :

As a Content Administrator

how to add files to the public documents folder if you are a content administrator.

1.In the portal, choose Content Administration  KM Content

2.In the Repositories iView, choose Root  documents  Public Documents.

3.Choose Folder  New  Upload.

4.Choose the Browse button.

5.Locate your file and choose Open.

6.Choose Upload.


Files are now available in the Public Documents folder

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Goto to folder -- context menu -- new -- upload -- browse document from desktop to upload - done

now document is stroed in folder

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i'am tryibg to upload a word document but this is the error i got "<b>ESS_Configurations.doc" does not exist, or file is empty; you cannot upload empty files</b>." ESS_Configurations.doc this the word file am trying to upload from my desktop.

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Either the portal engine or the operating system on which the portal runs has troubles with writing into the directory that is defined as store of temporary data

For this u need to apply SAP Note:898637

Hope this helps u



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I need to edit those two entries on Portal server system or the system which i'am using.

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U need to edit on portal server system

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Hi kishore,

I want to change the logo in Portal Logon Screen.Where i can change that?

with regards


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U need to edit this file

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Where i can find this par file

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\usr\sap\systemID\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\temp .

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