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How to create a stock report in crystal ?

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"`>Hi All >

I need to create a report in Crystal that will display stock levels between 2 warehouses.

>So here is the scenario...

>I have 2 warehouses - Warehouse 1 & Warehouse 2 (same table) >

In both warehouses I have the same stock but different quantities (same table)


>Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2

>Product 1 = 200 Product1 = 500

>Product 2 = 5 Product2 = 800

>Product 3 = 0 Product3 = 300

>Product 4 = 155 Product4 = 1000

>So here is the thing....

>I want to create a report that will only show stock levels less that 10 in warehouse 1 & then the >qty of that same product in warehouse 2.

>Hope I make sense ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try something like this:

1. Add a second copy of the stock table to your report. Crystal will throw up a warning and ask if you want to alias the table. It will then add the table with "_1" at the end of the table name. For example, you'll have both "STOCK" and "STOCK_1" as your tables.

2. Inner join from STOCK to STOCK_1 on the part number.

3. Use something similar to the following in the Select Expert:

{STOCK.WarehouseID} = 1 and
{STOCK.Qty} < 10 and
{STOCK_1.WarehouseID} = 2

4. On your report, use the STOCK table to show data from Warehouse 1 and STOCK_1 to show the corresponding data from Warehouse 2.


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Thank you so much !

Much appreciated.

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