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How to copy standard script to Z

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Hi all,

I am new to SAP SCRIPTS. i have to develop a new script for Delivary. i have to copy the standard form and make some changes according to Requirement. so can anyone let me know how to copy the standard form.wht are the steps to copy.


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Hi ,

1.Go to SE71->Give Standard Script say MEDRUCK

2.Utilities->Copy from Client give Form Name:MEDRUCK and Target Name:ZMEDRUCK,uncheck Copied to original language

3.Then come back and give Zmedruck in se71

4.Get inti change mode utilities ->Convert Original Language -> From original language wil be DE and to Original Language change it to EN.

5.Then do changes according to your requirement in ZMEDRUCK.

Thanks and Regards,


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Go to SE71 and give the name of the form in Utilities -> Copy from Client

It leads to copy forms between Clients.

forms name : which you want to copy ( already existed )

source client: default 000

Target Form : give the name of the form ( you want to create ).


goto SE71 Enter form name

language ' DE '

Press change

utilities -> Convert Original Language

in To Original language 'EN'. or ' the language what you want '.

Now the form has been copied from the source client to your client in the language what you want.

you can open it now in SE71 and you can also edit the script.



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Hi ,

To copy the standard script to a local script(Z****).

Path> SE71> Utilities(Menubar)--> Copy from Client .


Use SE38> RSTXFCPY> Execute.

Then Change the Z*** Script according to your requirement.



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hi Alykya,

check the below this this thread has an answer which matches with your requirement ...




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I think you need to copy from the client 000...


Abdul Hakim

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Go to SE71 transaction, under the utilities menu, you have the option copy from client.

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First TO copy the Form.

Go to SE71. Type the std form.

Goto >Utilitie>Copy from Client-->Check Oriiginal Language.

It will ask for the New form name give it and save it.

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1. goto se71.

2. from menu you have an option to copy form from client.

3. You need to copy from client 000 of standard form.