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how to connect to a JMS queue from portal app

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Hi everyone,

can someone help me. I need to connect to a JMS or MQ queue with the portal. I cannot seem to find any documentation on that.

I would appreciate any aid in this.



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Hi Mariana,

I have the same problem. Did u found solution?

If yes, Please help.



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What sort of thing do you want to do with MQ from the portal? Normally it's used a message broker, so maybe you want to use XI instead...


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I am trying MessageDrivenBean j2ee example given in portalwhich uses EJB.

I am not able to connect with portal. I can see the available Queues and Topics from Visual Administrator. But How can I create my own topic?

I am getting following exception while running given example.

examplee is available at :http://portal/index.html->J2EE Engine Examples

-->Message-Driven Bean Example

Error occurred: Path to object does not exist at java:comp, the whole lookup name is java:comp/env/MessageSender.