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How to configure SAP Work manager Agentry app to authenticate against SAP Portal

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Currently I have the SAP Work Manager App 6.2 to authenticate against backend SAP ECC. I want to change it to authenticate against SAP Portal. We have configured SSO between SAP Portal and SAP ECC.

What configuration we need to do to authenticate the Agentry App against SAP Portal. I have made the following changes in JavaBE.ini file:

;  USER_AUTH if standard UID/Password authentication is used ;  USER_AUTH_GLOBAL if pooled connections using single UID/Password is used
;  USER_AUTH_GROUP if UID/Password authentication with SAP Message Server
;   (load balancing) is used
;  USER_AUTH_SSO if SSO2 ticket authentication with SAP Portal Server is used
;  USER_AUTH_CUSTOM for a custom login module setup

; referenced when LOGON_METHOD=USER_AUTH_SSO
; SSO related information for use in LoginModuleSSO to facilitate login to
; an SAP system using tickets from a message server.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Please check Work Manager product configuration guide for configuration steps to authenticate against SAP Portal for Logon.



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Hi Yomesh,

Check the Portal URL that you are using. In my particular environment I have this format http://[FQ_HOST_NAME]:[PORT_NUMBER]/irj/portal

And since apparently you are using http, change HTTPTYPE parameter to:


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See if the SAP KBA # 2095690 article: How to make SSO work if user have deactivated password in ECC will help you out.

In essence the symptoms are:

- Configure SSO Against SAP Enterprise Portal
- Deactivate password in ECC since SAPGUI is SSO enabled.

The BAPI call "/SYCLO/CORE_SUSR_LOGIN_CHECK" should be bypass when logging via SSO.

- Check the SAP note included in the KBA link above on the details on what to set under the [USER_AUTH_SSO] or [USER_AUTH_CUSTOM].

Best Regards,

Mark Pe
SAP Platinum Support Engineer