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How to config my vue application's router on BTP


I deploy a vue3 application finished, and it can be found on BTP, but when i onclick the application's link, it was not linked to a correct page. When i run the application on my local computer, i use npm run dev, and i can access the url http://myhost:8080, it redirect a login page correctly. I want to know how to configure the routing of my application so that I can access my application at https://btpHost and the application also calls other system apis. For example, in my vue application, I need to call http://myhost/{api}/{url},  How should I set it?

#BTP,#VUE,#destination, #cloud foundry @SAPSupport @Ivan-Mirisola @Edrilan_Berisha @Sandra_Rossi @N1kh1l

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