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How to change the priority of the outgoing SMARTFORM Mail?

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Hi Everybody,

I am sending Mail via Smartforms in a Report. Everything is working fine, only the change of the priority of the outgoing mails to high or high importance is still missing.

With the function module 'SO_SEND_NEW....' this would be an easy task, but unfortunattly it is not used in this implementation.

I searched a lot and did not found any good clue to get to the solution. A collegue said that it is not possible to change the priority of the outgoing mail via Smartform.

Can anybody help on this issue?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Abosi,

Could you please tell me how you are triggering emails...after the "SSF_......." FM

are you using any FM to triger emails?

where are u maintaining the E Mail list in ZTABLE / Distribution list (SO23)?


Kalyan TC.

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Hi Kalyan,

if you have access to an CRM system check please



there you will find the coding you need.

@Nabheet: Thanks for answer. I still have some hope



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Hello friend,

If you are using oops concept for sending mail then just see this article,

To the same code you can add an another method SET_PRIORITY of class CL_BCS.

In this the I_PRIORITY parameter sets the priority of the mail. If you are using some other method of sending the mail please let me know i will find it for you.


Sri Hari

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Hi Sri Hari,

thank u for your answer.

Unfortunatly the BCS methode is not used in my case.

I am using this:

* get the function name for this smart form
            formname           = ip_smart_form
*         VARIANT            = ' '
*         DIRECT_CALL        = ' '
            fm_name            = function_name
            no_form            = 1
            no_function_module = 2
            OTHERS             = 3
 CALL FUNCTION function_name
              archive_index        = is_archive_index
              archive_index_tab    = ct_archive_index_tab
              archive_parameters   = is_archive_parameters
              control_parameters   = control_parameters
              mail_appl_obj        = is_mail_appl_obj
              mail_recipient       = ls_mail_recipient
              mail_sender          = ls_mail_sender
              output_options       = ls_output_options
              user_settings        = ip_user_settings
              orderadm_h           = ls_orderadm_h
              activity_h           = ls_activity_h
              opport_h             = ls_opport_h
              orgman_h             = ls_orgman_h
              partner_h            = lt_partner_h
              pricingdata_h        = ls_pricingdata_h
              sales_h              = ls_sales_h
              shipping_h           = ls_shipping_h
              payplan_d_h          = lt_payplan_d_h
              cumulat_h            = ls_cumulat_h
              customer_h           = ls_customer_h
              acs_h                = ls_acs_h
              billing_h            = lt_billing_h
              cancel_h             = lt_cancel_h
              appointment_h        = lt_appointment_h
              billplan_d_h         = lt_billplan_d_h
              billplan_h           = lt_billplan_h
              status_d_h           = lt_status_d_h
              status_h             = lt_status_h
              srv_subject_h        = lt_srv_subject_h
              srv_reason_h         = lt_srv_reason_h
              srv_result_h         = lt_srv_result_h
              srv_subject_i        = lt_srv_subject_i
              srv_refobj_h         = lt_srv_refobj_h
              srv_refobj_i         = lt_srv_refobj_i
              orderadm_i           = lt_orderadm_i
              orderadm_i_qt        = lt_orderadm_i_qt
              orderadm_i_in        = lt_orderadm_i_in
              orgman_i             = lt_orgman_i
              pricingdata_i        = lt_pricingdata_i
              pricing_i            = lt_pricing_i
              product_i            = lt_product_i
              sales_i              = lt_sales_i
              service_i            = lt_service_i
              schedlin_i           = lt_schedlin_i
              schedlin_i_cf        = lt_schedlin_i_cf
              shipping_i           = lt_shipping_i
              partner_i            = lt_partner_i
              item_cstics_i        = lt_item_cstics_i
              customer_i           = lt_customer_i
              billing_i            = lt_billing_i
              cancel_i             = lt_cancel_i
              finprod_i            = lt_finprod_i
              ordprp_i             = lt_ordprp_i
              appointment_i        = lt_appointment_i
              billplan_d_i         = lt_billplan_d_i
              billplan_i           = lt_billplan_i
              status_i             = lt_status_i
              working_set_e_s_bbp  = lt_working_set_e_s_bbp
              language             = lv_language
* for assignments - begin
              service_i_assi      =  lt_service_i_assi
* for assignments - end

              document_output_info = es_document_output_info
              job_output_info      = es_job_output_info
              job_output_options   = es_job_output_options
              output_canceled      = 1
              parameter_error      = 2
              OTHERS               = 3.



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We have checked the smartform parameters but no option available i think you should go with functionmodule or BCS method.


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Nobody any idea?