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How to change the layout of the basic search component

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Hi All,

I have the requirement to change the layout of the SAP standard basic search component ( - basicSearch). I'd like to remove the advanced search option, add the word "Search" ( in multiple languages ) and change the search button to a graphic.

I've looked for the component inside the component inspector and have read a number of SDN postings on how to change the results list etc.

I've not yet found anywhere that controls the presentation of the iview.

I have created a new KM search iview but this has the same presentation as the standard one. Can anyone tell me where I can change the UI of the search iview ?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Richard,

If you want shoot me an e-mail dsurkov/at/ and I will respond with the EP6 project which modifies the standard input component of the search iView, otherwise the article of Thilo Brand is very usefull in this context: a search component for km search iview.article

with kind regards,


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If you use CM Iview, it not necessary to remove advance search option. Portal is multilenguages, you forget about translation problem.

About changing button for an image, perhaps you have to develop a new iview, I don't know.