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how to change current period in mmrv?

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while closing the current period from 2/2022 to 3/2022 i have by mistake entered 8/2022 but when i check in mmrv now the current period still showing me 2/2022. now again i tried to close with 3/2022 in mmpv and checked again in mmrv its showing the current period as 2/2022 only. its has not taking either 8/2022 or 3/2022. how to change it to 3/2022 now. with out solving this migo is not possible it is displaying the error.

Posting only possible in periods 2022/02 and 2022/01 in company code BB02

Message no. M7053


The posting date entered is not within one of the permitted posting periods (current period/previous period).

This can be due to one of two reasons:

  • The correct current period has not been set in the system.
    For the system, the first of the entered periods is the current period. At the beginning of a new period, your systems administrator must change the current period in the material master record, using the function "Shift periods". This has not yet been done.
  • You have entered a wrong date in the field "Posting date".


Check the posting date and correct it if necessary. If your input is correct, inform your systems administrator that the "period shifting" (period-end closing) process has not yet been completed.

please help me

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