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How to add payload field values in Query string in SAP CPI

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Hi All,

I need to set targetQuery like in one groovy script,below as of now I have maintained constant values now I want make matnr dynamic values.

targetQuery = '?skip=0&$filter=Group eq \'ABCD\' and (matnr eq \'111111\' or matnr eq \'222222\' or matnr eq \'33333\')&$format=json';.

Example Payload:[


"prdid": "1840500",

"date": "2022-05-30",

"unit": "ABC",

"configuration": {

"color": "LAL",

"length": 1000




now from payload need to read prdid value and place in matnr value,some times source system will send one or more line items the i need to make it like matnr eq value or matnr eq value or matnr eq value.



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