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how to add a backup device

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Hi all,

I am planing to take a backup for my XI PRD server on an external hard drive which is connected directly to the XI PRD sever via a USB cable.

Now my question where should we define it so that when we want to take a backup thru DB13 it should show my external HDD.... for the backup

Can anyone help me do this please, its urgent for us...

I am not sure where do we define the devices...

We are running SQL server 2005 on WIN 2003 server, ECC 6.0

waiting to hear more from you.

Thanks and regards


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Hello Hari,

you can do this this way:

Define the backup medium in the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

<u>SQL Server Enterprise Manager:</u>

- Open the Enterprise Manager

- Navigate to your installation, probably: (local) (Windows NT)

- In the left menu tree goto: Management -> Backup

- Right click in the right window and select: New Backup Device

- Enter the correct path to your Filename on the external HDD

Regards, Michael

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Hello Sir,

I am really Sorry to mistype the DB, the DB is not SQL it is Oracle, can you please help me out with this..

Millions thanks for the quick responce...

I request you to treat this as an urgent requirement... plz

Waiting to hear from you...


Hari Haran.V

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Hello Hari,

sorry for the late answer.

I don't know Oracle that much, but I think you must define a

backup_dev_type = disk

in the file init<DBSID>.sap stored in directory <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs (UNIX)

or <ORACLE_HOME>\database (Windows).

Syntax: backup_dev_type = disk | tape | pipe | tape_auto | pipe_auto | 
                          tape_box | pipe_box | disk_copy | disk_standby | util_file | 
                          util_file_online | stage | stage_copy | stage_standby |
                          rman_prep | rman_util | rman_disk | rman_stage
disk: Database backups to disk.
The directory that should be used for the backups is defined in parameter backup_root_dir or archive_copy_dir.

See the following links for further help:

<a href="">SAP Database Guide: Oracle (BC-DB-ORA-DBA)</a>

<a href="">Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap</a>

Hope that helps,