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How to access each user Home Directory in the NT domain?

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In our company all the employees have a Home directory somewhere in the NT domain. When the user logs in, NT login script identifies and sets up the appropriate environment variable.

The management would like to use these directories instead of the My Documents feature of the KM.

Any suggestions?


- PK

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi PK,

in theory, you could of course expose each home drive as a file system repository, connect it to the portal via KM's repository framework and assign corresponding iViews to the users. As a pragmatic approach, this will not work as you would end up in having 1000's of repositories/iViews.

If all home drives are stored on few servers, you might connect those and set up favorites for the respective users that point to their specific home drives.

If this could work for you, be sure to check out all authorizations and access variations (e.g. mapping of existing Windows ACLs OK (this works at the current point in time only for Windows portal servers) ? Possible inheritance conficts of ACLs ? Proper (i.e. no) KM/portal admin access to the home drives ? Periodic NT password changes may lead to frequent enforced user mapping, etc.) !