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How the delta gets captured without changelog in ADSO ?

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Hi Gurus,

If we select below ADSO modeling property which don't have change log in it , how it can ensure Delta also got captured ?

Keep Inbound Data, Extract from Inbound Table

If you select this option, no data is retained in the change log. The extraction thus always reverts to the data of the inbound table, irrespective of whether you load data in the delta or full procedure.

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Answers (2)

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IN ADSO to any infoprovider, delta works based on Request number.

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Yes, if you are loading to further target data will load based on the RTSN ( request number)

RTSN data type - NUMC- it was one type of performance fact

it will time stamp.

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Advanced DSO modeled according the requirements

if you select  Keep Inbound Data, Extract from Inbound Table - data is available in new data table after


we can extract data from new and active data table for reporting.

if you activate the request this model data record was same both new and active data table.

if not select write change log table - data will not read the change log table- that is correct.

but if daily full load is happening will not select write change log table option.

if it is daily loads delta you can choose the write change log table, then it will retrieve changed records form change log table.

Advance dso we can make as cube and SDSO,WDSO,Direct update dso

those are flexible options is there according to your business scenario we choose the options.