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How Relational Dataset is used in Datasphere modelling?

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Hello Experts,

Each semantic usage has a different purpose.

E.g. Table with semantic usage "Fact" contains attributes and measures that can be consumed in the Analytic Dataset for querying purposes.

Table with semantic usage "Dimension" or "Text" or "Hierarchy" is to store Master Data.

What is the purpose of a table with the semantic usage "Relational Dataset"? Is it like an open hub destination table to send the data to external/3rd party systems but cannot be used in reporting?

I did not find an explanation anywhere in the forum that talks about its purpose clearly.

One of the explaination says - "If you do not need all of the above, then just use a relational dataset."



Mandar Damle

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Mandar Damle,

The semantic usage type relational dataset has no specific analytical or semantic purpose, in fact it is just a flat relational table/view. As you mentioned yourself all other types have a specific use like the hierarchy, fact, text, etc.

You can use it for example as a staging table with transformation or data flows, or any other use case where you do not need specific analytical or semantic purpose.

You can also check the online help.

KP Sauer

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