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How open URL in an htmlb TableView ?

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Hi guys,

Here is my problem:

- I have in my BSP an HTMLB:TableView which display a table of Document Info Record.

- In this table of DIRs, there is a column which contains an URL in order to open an original.

ex of url : de SSO on PLP.pdf

- At the moment in htmlb:tableViewColumn, I use the property onCellClick which call a javascript function : "<%= application->url%>", target='_blank' , 'toolbar=no, menubar=no, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes');

- It works in IE6 but I tested it in IE7 and it doesn't work.

My question :

Is it possible to open directly the link through the tableView and without using javascript ?

I tried the property linkClickTarget but it doesn't work

Thanks for your help

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Hi Regis,

If you need a new window to load the document contents, then you should use the Javascripts. Because only a javascript could openup a new window in a BSP applicaiton.

But if you do not want to open up the document in a new window and want to load it by replacing the current page, then you could do it by navigating to another page which could render the document contents in this page.

Hope it helps!