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how one user can change other user objects- urgent

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My user id is changed from userxx to useryy,

I have some objects which userxx developed and activated, so now I want to work/access the objects logging with useryy.

I get the message saying userxx has the object locked, you can trafnsfer objects to ur change list but,

when I ma trying I see the transfer option on those change list is disabled.

ples reply



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Answers (2)

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First unlock the object as krishna said and then reassign ie., transfer his changed list under your name. Then you activate it.

When ever one user is working on the object and another tries to edit then you will have this message.

Hope this helps......


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You can unlock the object and proceed for this.

For this go to IntegrationBuilder (XI Home page)->Administration->Lock Overview.. and then go to that object and unlock it.