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How masks related to syndication map in SAP MDM?

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In the SAP note 1936623 it is mentioned that "The issue occured because a syndication map uses a mask, which after a while was deleted from repository. Although the mask is deleted the depending syndication map was not deleted."

1.Can anyone explain how the mentioned dependency is created between syndication maps and the mask?

2. Apart from this, in the repository there are a lot of maps. How to identify the corrupted syndication map?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Debarun,

When you create a Syndication Map, as a search criteria you can select Masks (of course only if you previously created and used them in Data Manager) :

You can save the syndication map with this mask search.

Later you delete this Mask in Data Manager:

Then repository schema export fails as you noticed.

To find out which map is corrupted

1) Either you simply open one by one in Syndicator and then you will get an error message about.

2) Or there is a more tricky way:

a) You increase the trace level in MDM Console -> Right click on the MDM Server -> Trace Settings > MDSAdminServer -> CatalogExportRepositorySchema -> Set the value of it to Debug.

b) Extract repository Schema again

c) In the MDS_Log the last syndication map is the problematic one:

If there are more corrupted maps, you need to run the repository export again to find the next one.



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