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How get the Lang Material Desc with an Assignment or a Calculation Formula?

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"substitute description LANGUAGES"

I have tried to do an Assigment or Calculation Formula to get Descriptions of other Languages If this last one is missing...

Maybe this is more easy than I think, Scenario:

If Description.English is Null Then

X Field = Description.Spanish


Or something like that.

I understand is diferrent in MDM, I did this:

IF(IS_NULL(Description), ¿? )

Description.ES Is prohibited

Description.Spanish Is prohibited

Descrption.LANGUAGE=Spanish is prohibited

Which is the correct code?

Thks MDMs Gurusssss...

Jonás Pitta

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Hi Jonas,

Why r u not using the inbuilt inheritance property of SAP MDM, rather than using assignment or calculated field ?

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Thanks for your time.

If I understood, that property you told me is for see the info in the Data Manager. This property can be configured in the Console.

But my problem is not internal to see the Descriptions in the Data Manager. My concern is when the Info is syndicating or sending to other target system.

How can I do to MDM will be more intelligence to identify (in Syndication process) when a Material Description Language is missing and get a Substitute ?

I hope you help me.

Thks in advanced

Jonás Pitta