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How does XI system know the related CMS hostname?

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Hi mates,

We ran into an issue using CMS. We are in the process of upgrade to PI 7.0.

We had the CMS on our DEV system and the CMS Tracks page has the following details.

<b>CMS on Dev</b>




In this process of upgrade, we copied our DEV system along with CMS on to EVAL. Before we upgrade DEV box, we tested the CMS that is copied on to EVAL. So we set the following on EVAL CMS

<b>CMS on EVAL</b>




We made sure that CMS service user & pwd are correct and exported a namespace from EVAL. Expectedly, it landed in DEV system. It worked fine.

Now, we had an emergency transport to be sent to PRD, so we have to do it using DEV CMS as PRD is specified there only. Before we did this, we removed the settings from EVAL CMS.(QA URL: DEV)

But, when we export the namespace from DEV, the transport goes in to status 'Waiting for Export' and doesnt appear in the consolidation tab of DEV CMS.

We tried to click on the button 'Update CMS', but it did not work. We are wondering if DEV system still assuming that it is linked to EVAL CMS. Do we explicitly specify the CMS hostname for an XI environment (in exchange profile or somewhere else)? Or, does the XI system determine it at runtime?

Please help me in understanding this flow logic between CMS & XI. I highly appreciate your inputs.

Hope I'm clear, let me know if you have questions.

The last thing we want to do is restore the DEV box using the back-up copy.

thx in adv


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Answers (2)

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Dear Praveen,

went to basis people.

what i came to know is we ll be just configuring cmsuser at TCODE "CMSUSER" at XI BOX but no where specify CMS HostName.

as you know we ll be configuring the Landscap there after.

problem is in you'r DEV system.

when you are exporting from DEV,whats the status,"waiting for exporting" or "is it showing error",if error what's that.

can you check the dump ST22 in case of error.

can you please get back with the above info.

Thanks & Regards,

Rama Krishna

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Dear Praveen,

CMS service is available against each XI BOX.


DEV XI box corresponds to DEV CMS.

QA XI BOX corresponds to QA CMS

PRD XI BOX corresponds to PRD CMS.

EVAL XI BOX corresponds to EVAL CMS.

when we request for service CMS itself we specify <HOSTNAME> right,then why it landed for DEV CMS.

can you please be clear.

Thanks & Regards,

Rama Krishna

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Rama Krishna,

Thanks for the response.

I think you know that there should be only one CMS in the landscape (either on DEV/QA/PRD/Sol Mngr).

I guess you are talking about hostname used in "launching" a CMS on particular environment.

My question is...after I launched the CMS (in my case on DEV), I need to specify the URLs of REP & DIR for DEV, QA & PRD environment. By doing this we tell CMS about the DEV,QA & PRD XI boxes. But, my question is how do I tell individual XI boxes (DEV, QA & PRD) that this is the hostname of the CMS you need to use in case of transports. I know on the exchange profile we can specify the user id & pwd to be used to contact CMS. But I dont see a parameter for CMS hostname.

Hope I'm clear this time.


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Dear Praveen,

got the point.

when you installed XI and CMS service is available against XI box then what we can expect hostname of CMS?,it should be same as XI.

it doesn't make any meaning if we install XI and ask to USE CMS of different HOSTNAME.(like specifying CMS DEV as "QUALITY").

XI implictly takes local HostName for CMS.

thats why we specify clearly the CMS DEV as <dev><port>,to meet XI expectation,if XI doesn't expect DEV system as <DEV><PORT> then we would have directly given <QUALITY><PORT> for dev URL at CMS system,no consolidation needed in this case.

you are not exporting SWC its showing "waiting to export".

until and unless we get ack from CMS that SWC exported successfully we cant find it at consoliadation tab of CMS.

you are facing problem in exporting itself.

as you will be knowing we ll get error when don't register SWC at tracks in CMS.

are you facing any error or it's continuosly shown "waiting for export"

ll try with basis people over my place.

please let me know the error or if you shown "waiting for export" or "cannot be exported" go to rz20 or rz21 find what CCMS is saying about export status

if you couldnt find anything over there,ask basis people check against CMS Database

never faced these type of problem praveen,it's strange and also

DEV and EVAL systems are independeont of each other.

configuring EVAL quality as "DEV" wont establish any dependency.

Thanks & Regards,

Rama Krishna

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Rama Krishna,

> it doesn't make any meaning if we install XI and ask

> to USE CMS of different HOSTNAME.(like specifying CMS

> DEV as "QUALITY").

As I said earlier, not all the XI systems in the landscape have a "separate" CMS. They all are connected to one can either be on the same box as XI DEV or XI QA or PRD or Soln. Mngr. Hope you understand this.

Now, my question is...for an XI box should I "explicitly" specify the host name of the CMS?

eg. in my case, I've the CMS on the same box as XI DEV. Now, do I need to explicitly specify the CMS hostname (i.e. hostname of XI DEV) in exchange profile of XI QA & XI PRD?

Coming to the DEV URL, QA URL & PRD URL, I'm talking about setting these values in the 'Tracks' tab. Please refer to pg 31 of <a href="">How To Transport XI Content Using CMS</a>

> XI implictly takes local HostName for CMS.

if this is the case, that means XI DEV, XI QA & XI PRD will have separate CMS...sicne each one uses the CMS on the localbox as you say.

Somehow each XI box is told the CMS hostname.

Am I clear?