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How does UWL determine the 'sender' of a workitem?

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Good morning.

Our UWL workitems have a 'Sent' field in the workitem header display.

For example:

    Sent: Feb 8, 2011 10:03 AM by Blight, Rose

Does anyone know where it gets these values from, and how it puts them together into this string?

I checked the UWL item in table SWN_NOTIF, and there is no mention of this user or date/time.

I also checked this Workitem's container in SWIA. The element _Workitem has the attributes
WorkitemCreationDate and WorkitemCreationTime, and these match the above date/time. Fair enough.

But _Workitem.CreatedByUser = USR01:WF-BATCH. So where does it get the name 'Rose' from?

There is no (top level) attribute in the Workitem container that holds this user's ID.

As far as I know, we have not touched the UWL config of the 'Sent' field.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Paul,

Ok before doing anything else check the first name/last name assigned to WF-BATCH in transaction SU01 and in the Portal identity management. No seriously!  No really really - check the name.... ! It would not be the first time someone has assigned a pet name to WF-BATCH. 😞

Work item created by is a starting point. Secondly check if the work item was forwarded - as it could be the forwarding user.

If it's still not identifiable then try running function module SWN_UWL_GET_WORKLIST in the backend system and see what it returns and check the name of the user in SU01 and the Portal (no seriously...)  And finally take a look at class CL_SWN_UWL_UTL_ITEM_SERVICES method SWWWLHEAD_TO_UWL_ITEM_BWF if you want to look through the detail.

As well as that there's a small chance that the Sent column data may have been overridden in the UWL XML Configuration file - so check to see if the relevant task has a specific entry in the UWL XML config files.




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Thanks for that.

Our WF-BATCH user is simply called 'Workflow Service User'. Some people have no imagination 🙂

The workitem was not forwarded.

We do have some UWL config for the task, but none of it deals with 'creatorId', which I assume is the relevant (standard) UWL attribute here.

I've done a bit more digging through the Help, and I found this strange statement:

Universal Worklist - Standard Item Attributes

creatorId : The user (if any) that created the item or initiated the workflow process. Is a portal user id if available.

I like the 'or' in there. I read this to mean: if the workitem creator is WF-BATCH, which can't be mapped to a portal user, we will then use the workflow initiator.

That's clever stuff... and it fits with this particular workflow instance because 'Rose Blight' is indeed the workflow initiator. Could it really be reaching into the WorkitemParent to get wf-initiator?

I'll see if I can find that particular logic in those CL_SWN* methods that you mentioned.

merci beaucoup


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I think it comes from the Workflow Initiator. try it with the Verification workflow from SWU3.


Rick Bakker / hanabi technology