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How does the data move(<< & >> ) between Task container & BSP page

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Can any one help me in understanding the following:

How dose the values move from Task container to BSP page, Whenever a workitem is executed/accessed. (Workitem is created outof a Task which was generated out of a page, from WF_EXTSRV). I have this question as I didn't observe any explisit binding between TaskContainer & BSP page attributes.

If you look at approve.htm page of SWXTRAREQ bsp application in ides; under Initialization event, Travel request details are retrieved by passing the "formnumber",so that page is formatted with travalrequest details and shown to the user, when workitem is accessed. From where dose this field(formnumber) gets populated before retrieval, whenever a workitem is executed. Is it an automatic process? If yes, then I guess the parameter Id, while creating the service from WF_extsrv, should be same as the page attribute(here it is "formnumber"). if yes can I safely assume that parameter id should be same as do-controler class attribute, in case of MVC approch.

And for the same page, under OnInputProcessing event, while calling the method for the callback mechanism "sapwfcburl" is being passed. This is one of the page attributes. How dose this gets populated before calling callback method. And this field is not part of task container aswell.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Let me know if am missing any thing there.

Thanking you in advance expecting inputs on this.



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Answers (3)

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Refreshing the Buffer by use of transaction swu_obuf did the work

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Any New Ideas or inputs on this post ..

I am stuck with the same problem .

I am not able to pass values back to the Task as I do not know how to populate the app_url parameter



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same with me i added a new parameter to an existing task and the corresponding wf_extsrv-service definition. after that i tried to fill the newly created parameter without success. the workaround was to change the type of a by then unneeded existing parameter.

unfortunatelly we don't have as much unneeded parameters, therefore i would like to add a new parameter and update the task with the new parameter set, and avoid generating a completly new task for the changed service definition with all the container elements and other related settings. is there a way to do so, or is the only posibility to generate a new task?



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Let me know if the issue is not clear. Please let me know what details are required in order to make it clear.

Thanking you in advance expecting pointers on the above issue.