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How do you stop a repeating crosstab header from printing when on a chart page?

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I'm following a previous solution in order to get my crosstab headers to repeat on all pages.

In this case, this report also has charts in it and the crosstab headers are printing on the chart pages.

How can I stop this from happening and still keep my crosstab headers for the crosstab pages?

Previous solution


Jeff Davidson

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I tried to add a suppression formula, but it suppressed the text object for the whole report. I tried: {@test group} <> "GH5" @test group is the group name of where the cross tab is. The image shows a correct page (with the crosstab) and an incorrect page (with the chart) without using this formula.




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Hi Jeff,

The Text Object should ideally also be in Group Header 5 (which is where the crosstab is).

Try this:

1. Go to the Section Expert > Highlight Group Header#5 > Insert.

2. Move the Text Object from Group Header 4g to Group Header 5a

3. Move the Crosstab to Group Header 5b