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How do you deploy UI5 Application from Eclipse Juno to NW 7.3 SP09 Portal?

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Dear All

I really hope this can be easily answered as this is something I am struggling to achieve.

I have a number of SAP UI5 applications that run perfectly with Tomcat. How can I deploy them from Eclipse Juno

to SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 SP09?

I would have thought this was going to be very straightforward, however all documentation points to SAP Hana Cloud Portal

(which I will not have access to any time soon) or deploying to an ABAP stack (not an option at the moment).

Surely the trusty Portal has not been abandoned completely by SAP. I am aware of a convoluted process of create

.war / .ear, uploading to NWDS and using NWDS to deploy, but surely there is a better way?

I have installed the Jetty plugin, however it seems to be another "Tomcat" rather than a means to deploy

to SAPj2EE of my NW 7.3 SP09 Portal.

Any help and advice is really appreciated as this is driving me crazy!!


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Hi Michael,

Have you seen this blog:

Probably not exactly what you are looking for. The method I would probably try is to create another Ent. Application Project in Eclipse from which you can generate an EAR file. Then generate the WAR file from the UI5 project add the WAR to the Ent. App Project and generate the EAR. Then try to deploy the EAR file onto the 7.3 Portal - you can use the deployment perspective of the NWDS to do this... don't know if it will work, but maybe worth a try.



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Dear Simon

I have deployed thus far based on this blog. However to have to use two separate java development environments to deploy to a SAP java portal is disappointing.

Given that Eclipse 3.5 is at the heart of NWDS 7.3 I was really hoping there was going to be an Eclipse plugin that I had missed.

Alas it seems that I had not.

Thanks for the reply anyway


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Seems like we have to wait until NWDS is at least Juno before getting all the tools together. Quite disappointing.


We can install the UI5 plugin by pointing 'Install New Software' the downloaded Toolkit zip from the main page. Works fine so far. Side note, I have not been able to get the Gateway plugins to install due to the Eclipse version.

p/s: Are you Mike Healey from Diagonal way back in 2004? I worked with you on Janssen Cilag portal if you recall. If not, my apologies.

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Hello Azman

I am indeed that same Mike Healey!

I knew I recognised your name but could not quite place the project. 9 years seems a very long time. What have you been up to since then?

Lets connect on linked in. You can find me on

Many thanks