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How do I compute time of an event in the month it occured?

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We track equipment downtime and use the information to analyze delays on critical equipment.  For example, if a delay starts on February 21 and ends on March 8, I am trying to determine how compute the time that should belong in February and the time that should belong in March.  Currently I can only get all or nothing.

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Hi Kevin,

You can achieve the above by making use of the function LastDayOfMonth().

Use if(LastdayOfMonth([Start Date]) < [End Date]) to identify that the event has spread over two months

To identify the time you can then calculate time in Feb as  Daysbetween([Start Date]; lastdayofmonth([StartDate])) and the time in March as Daysbetween ( todate( "01/"+formatdate([EndDate];"MM/yyyy");"dd/MM/yyyy"); [End Date]).

Hope it helps.



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I have been able to compute the 'days'; however, how do I get it into minutes?  in the example above the event starts at 1045 AM so 10,695 minutes are in February and 11,350 minutes are in March. (Computed by hand)

Thank you,


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This can be one way if I understood your question.

Create a variable for calculating end of month of Start Date:


Similarly for end date

Calculate the day number :end_Date =DayNumberOfMonth([Ended])

Now: Do the days between


The above two variables gives you the number of days used in that month

Now do var1*24*60