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How capture all HTTP response headers and include in message log in PO 7.5

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Hi Experts,

I need to capture HTTP response headers from my target API in similar way they are available as you test with Postman. Right now I can only see these headers when the call is successful. I need to capture them most importantly for failure because the target API always sends a GUID value that is in a way there processing ID tracing purpose of the target system. Is there standard configuration for this or would this be some custom development?

Please help.

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Hi Joel,

you might set the parameter traceResponse=true in the receiver channel ( ) This gives us informetion e.g. in case o a HTTP 400 what went wrong.

Hope this helps


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Hi Patrick,

I have already tried that module parameter but that only applies to asynchronous and adds only in the logs the payload. It is the header values that needs to be visible in monitoring.

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