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How can I switch from Excel data source to Live HANA data source in Lumira

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I am currently using Lumira 1.31 64 bit version. I have created a Lumira dashboard using an excel file as a data source for test purpose. I need to switch this to a Live Hana connection, however, I face some issues doing this. I have tried the following:

1- Use option Add Data source - Here I do not see the option of 'Connect to SAP HANA.' I only see this if I am creating a new dashboard. The other option I see here is 'Download from SAP HANA' but we need to connect to a Live Hana data source.

2- Using Connections tab - As suggested in some posts, if I try to use Connections, I do not see the ability to switch from Excel to SAP HANA only to another Excel.

Could you please suggest any options for this? Please find screenshots to indicate steps tried.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Tejaswini,

Your observations are correct. We do not have the ability to switch from one data source to another after creating a document.

Add data source allows you to switch between data sets or merge or append data.

Connections help in changing the path or server credentials to existing data sources.

You would need to create anew document to connect to live HANA and it does come with limitations. A few of them include, reduced data preparation options and ability to only to connect to other live HANA data.

Please let me know if there are any questions or comments.

- Varun Anand

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