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How can i identify In BTP Alert Notification the job schedule

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Hi all,

In Jobscheduler I've activated the Alert Notifications, and for one job, i have several schedules for that job, with different data in the option box DATA(JSON).

when i receive an alert notification e.g. Status 500, i can only identify corresponding schedule with the schedule ID tag ScheduleId: {resource.tags.scheduleId}, however i have e.g. 20 active schedules and i have to enter in all of them to identify which of them trigger the error because ScheduleId is only visible inside each jobschdule, and seems there is no {resource.tags.scheduleId.Description} in order to obtain better match between job alert and job schedule.

Its there any option to add schedule id in the list ?


Is there any tag like {resource.tags.scheduleId.Description}  to user in the mail notification?


Thanks and Regards


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello! 🙂 

I think I can help out with this request - please consult this help documentation: where I can find the following tags that can be used in the conditions within the Alert Notification service or the notification body as well: 

globalAccountIdMatches the globalAccount resource.
jobIdThe ID of the job which triggered the event
jobNameThe name of the job which triggered the event
organizationIdThe Cloud Foundry organization ID/GUID. It matches the subAccount resource.
organizationNameName of the Cloud Foundry organization where the SAP Job Scheduling service instance is instantiated.
resourceLandscapeTechnical name of the SAP BTP environment
runLogIdThe ID/GUID of the run which triggered the event
scheduleIdThe ID/GUID of the schedule which triggered the event
serviceInstanceIdThe ID/GUID of the SAP Job Scheduling service instance
spaceIdThe Cloud Foundry space ID/GUID. It matches the resourceGroup.
spaceNameName of the Cloud Foundry space where the SAP Job Scheduling service instance is instantiated.
status (optional)The HTTP Status code of the response.
subAccountIdSubaccount ID/GUID


.. where I think you could use the tag {jobId}. 

Please let me hear back from your side . 

Kind regards!