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how can i add a new field/column on bods permanent table?

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good day.

i am supporting a project, and in this project we are extracting data from SAP ECC, we are using SAP BODS to extract and we are loading to SQL-server, and on top of the server, we have built a universe with single connection, to create web intelligence  reports.

now we have a requirement to add a new field, so we created the field in ECC and write the logic to populate it to the extractor, now the field is available on the extractor 2LIS_13_VDITM in ECC.

on BODS on the source datastore we just used re-import to include this field on a source datastore in BODS. now we have to pass this field to a target table.(the table is a permanent table) from my understanding it is impossible to add a field manually on a permanent table. somebody suggested us to delete the table on the database and create another one with same name, and manually map it, then import to make it a permanent table, (we do not have access to the database and  production system and the client do not want to delete the table on the database)

my question is, how can we add this field on this target table, without deleting the table on the database?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You don't have to delete a database table just to add a column. Each and every SQL implementation comes with kind of an ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN command.

Ask the dba team to add the column, then re-import the table's metadata in DS and connect the dots.

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thank you, i will give you feedback once we finish the task,

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