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Homogeneous SAP Copy with OS level File System backup - restore

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Hi Gurus,

We are running our SAP on Aix7.2+Oracle 19c+SAP BASIS 740/Ehp7 -- Into the cloud

Now we want to have DR-Drill but the issue is CSP is using File System Level back-up of image only due some restriction in Aix on cloud there is no snapshot/image(like AMI). So CSP 'll give us an exact copy of another system with the filesystem level backup and restore.

Now my question is after having an exact copy of source what additional activities need to be done to make SAP up.1

Please be noted that on Source and Target- SAP and DB are on single host.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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You also have to make sure the hostnames and Ip addresses are changed all over the SAP System and DB.

Especially SAPDBHOST SAP Profile needs to be taken case, and the configuration in tnsnames.ora,sqlnet.ora,listener.ora in $TNS_ADMIN and $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/

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If you are using oracle DR, data guard, SAP will automatically up after DR online via db-reconnect:
=> check network configuration